Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
Public construction (realized)
Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
The Green Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
City planning project

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Architectural project (Building or Complex)
2652. Salvador Dali Cafe with Exhibition Hall. International project
2653. Community center in Tokyo
Location: Japan
2654. House in the suburb
Location: Turkey
2655. Hotel with 12 rooms
Location: Bakuriani, Georgia
2656. Multifunctional complex in Didube
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
2657. House of Justice in Chiatura
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
2671. Residential complex in Baku
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
2673. Universal Sports Complex
Location: Davit Aghmasheneblis Kheivani 12 km
2678. Hotel complex in Shamakhi region, Azerbaijan
Location: Shamakhi region, Azerbaijan Republic
2681. Multifunctional complex on Nutsubidze slope
Location: st. Tbilisi
2685. Wine cellar of Gurjaani
Location: Gurjaani, Village Dzirkoki.
2691. Physical power does not mean strength
Location: Russia, Moscva, Red square
Location: Ski resorts Goderdzi. Georgia
2703. Mediathec
Location: Tbilisi, Hippodrome surrounding area
2704. Baku Banquet Hall
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
2719. APART HOTEL'ს   sketch   Project
Location: Ketevan Tsamebuli ave. Tbilisi Georgia
2727. Hotel Astoria
Location: Daniel Chonkadze str. # 21
2743. Vabel Drink Factory
Location: Damavand, Iran
2744. Larci 1400 Project. Residential complex design
Location: Damavand, Iran
2746. Wellness Center & SPA
Location: Tbillisi
2753. Hotel type residential complex - Bakuriani Plaza
Location: Bakuriani, Georgia