Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
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Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
The Green Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
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Architectural project (Building or Complex)
2775. Country house in Digomi
Location: 12, Tsagareli str., Digomi village, Tbilisi
2777. Spiral house - research
Location: Sofia
2801. Family type guest house
Location: Mountainous region, Georgia
2802. Family type hotel
Location: Mountainous region of Georgia
2809. Cottage in the mountains
2820. Shopping and entertainment center _ Conceptual project
Location: Chernyshevsky str. Perm, Russia
2838. Leisure complex for fishermen
Location: Kobuleti, near Leo Kiacheli Street # 8
2848. El viente del mar
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
2850. Museum of Fine arts (MOFA) _TENGRI
Location: Kaxakhstan, Turkestan.
2851. Casa Blanca_ The residential house
Location: Castelldefels, Spain
2860. Residential house Pura Vida
Location: Almaty Kazakhstan
2862. Residential Complex_Club House
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
2864. White Mosque
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
2865. New residential apartments
Location: Baku City, Sebail region, Azerbaijan
2879. Hotel complex near the Basqal village İsmayilli region
Location: İsmayilli region, Azerbaijan Republic
2886. Farmer's House
Location: Georgia, Kakheti, Tsnori - Kvareli Highway cross to river Alazani
2898. Single-Family house
Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Didi dighomi
2899. Single-Family house
Location: Georgia, Tsavkisi
2909. Multifunctional Building
Location: Tbilisi
Location: Nearby lisi lake
2912. Multi-functional concert hall in Kutaisi
Location: Kutaisi, Georgia
2914. Illegal balcony and renovation
Location: Tsereteli avenue N99-101,Tbilisi
2918. Pedestrian bridge from Mziuri park to S.Chikovani str.
Location: Mziuri Park, Tbilisi, Georgia
2920. National Bank of Georgia Headquarter
Location: Right bank of Mtkvari, Tbilisi, Georgia
2928. Rehabilitation Center
Location: Georgia, Tbilisi, Gudamakari Str. N4
2934. Multifunctional Complex
Location: Tbilisi
2938. Museum Complex in Telavi
Location: Kakheti (telavi)
2949. Individual single-family house
Location: Tbilisi Rekhi Street III
2951. Individual single-family house
Location: Tbilisi Rekhi Street III
2955. Multifunctional Complex in Tbilisi
Location: Tsurtsumia st. and Irbakhi st.
2957. Deconstructed City of Aleppo: architectural proposal for the old city centre
Location: Aleppo, Syria
2970. Trading Center in Tbilisi
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
2977. Hotel in Tbilisi
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
2984. Office Building
Location: Terdjola
2986. Jewish Museum in Prague
Location: Prague, Czech Republic