Single-family house (realized)
Block of Apartments / Residential Complex (realized)
Residential interior (realized)
Public construction (realized)
Public interior (realized)
Reconstruction / Restoration (realized)
Landscape Architecture (realized)
The best student project
Architectural project (Building or Complex)
City planning project
The best hotel complex

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2995. Hotel-
Location: Georgia, Kutaisi, A.Kazbegi st.#37
3006. HOTEL
Location: akhospireli st. 8/ l. asatiani st. 9
3010. Single family house
Location: Village Saguramo
3011. Sketch project of the hotel complex
Location: M. Machavariani st.
3032. Reconstruction of an individual house
Location: Tbilisi, Tsavkisi
3033. Multifunctional hotel complex with sports recreation complex
Location: Mtskheta district, village. On the side of the convertible Natakhtri
3034. Single family house (project)
Location: Digomi
3035. Caravanserai / Hostel
Location: Digomi
3044. individual house
Location: Georgia, Gudauri
3045. individual house
Location: Georgia, Akhaldaba
3049. individual house
Location: Georgia, Saguramo
3050. office architect
Location: Uchaneishvili Street
3057. Multifunctional Residential Complex
Location: Alexander Griboedovi 26-28
3058. Multi-apartment residential complex at the intersection of Ninoshvili and Potskhverashvili streets
Location: Tbilisi, Ninoshvili ST. #64
3062. Kostava 65
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
3063. Qetevan Dedofali ave. 57
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
3064. Individual residential house
Location: The village of Martkopi
3065. Single-Family House
Location: Khataeti str. 20, Tbilisi, Georgia.
3066. Single Family House
Location: Tskaltubo
3068. Private house
Location: Tbilisi;Georgia. I.Gvaramidze st.
3071. Hotel complex, area near Martvili-canyons
Location: Georgia, Martvili
3088. Hotel type residential house
Location: Georgia, Mestia
3094. Apartment house
Location: Tbilisi, Abashidze str.
3095. Villa Tabakhmela
Location: Tbilisi, Tabakhmela
3102. SUN CITY 1
Location: Batumi. Georgia
3103. SUN CITY 2
Location: Batumi. Georgia
3104. Winemaker's residence_Family tourism
Location: Sachkhere municipality, village Chorvila
3107. Multi-apartment residential house
Location: Tbilis, Vazisubani settlement, II Micro-District
3115. Boutique hotel at Abastumani
Location: Abastumani
3117. Entrance to the city
Location: Kobuleti
3119. Aparthotel in old Batumi
Location: Batumi Farnavaz Mepe street #14
3121. Hotel with 50 Rooms
Location: Georgia
3122. Residential house in Tsavkisi
Location: Georgia, Tsavkisi
3131. Multifunctional complex near Vakhushti bridge
Location: near Vakhushti bridge, Didube, Tbilisi
3135. Multi-apartment house
Location: Tbilisi,Vazisubani
3147. kinetic house
Location: Village Gldani
3154. Endemic plant museum
Location: Chavchavadze street M
3159. individual one-family house
Location: Nino Tsereteli av.#5 Tbilisi. Georgia
3162. Lightweight construction Modular Houses
Location: Different Location
3165. ,,New born''
Location: Tbilissi, Vakhtang Gorgasali street
3168. Tskhinvali Theatre
Location: V. Petriashvili Turn #7 / Tbilisi
3175. Rehabilitation of the amphitheater in Burkina Faso
Location: Ouagadougou. Bukina faso. Africa.
3191. Mtatsminda Street Urban Development Concept
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia